Invillia Aplication Test
As a part of a job interview, I was asked to develop a prototype for Cadernet app. One of the main challenges was to made everything in two days. Research and surveys were conducted by the business and development teams have laid the foundation for this endeavor. 
This innovative application test addresses a specific niche: direct sales representatives of brands like Avon, Eudora, Jequiti, and Natura. The objective is clear—to empower consultants with enhanced control over their customer interactions and, crucially, their sales revenue.
By harmonizing usability with stakeholder needs, I've facilitated the creation of an application that is not only poised for real-world application but also equipped to bridge the gap between consultants and their clientele. The project underscores my dedication to transforming ideas into user-centered solutions, ultimately enhancing the experience for both consultants and their customers.
This venture served as a study to my expand my knowledge about conceptualizing, validating, and refining designs in collaboration with multidisciplinary teams. The project's trajectory mirrors my commitment to creating solutions that blend innovation with practicality, and how I look forward to contributing similarly impactful designs in the future.

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Since this project was based on a prior research, the info regarding UX research was build and carried out by the business and development teams. With that said, I embarked on a journey to further contextualize the user experience I was designing for. To establish a more profound connection with the user base, I centered my efforts around addressing four fundamental questions. These questions served as guiding beacons throughout the design phase, ensuring a user-centric approach that resonates with the target audience.
App Utilization Context: Deep into the user's world, I sought to uncover the contexts in which the app would be utilized. Understanding the various scenarios and environments where the application would come into play enabled me to tailor the design to integrate with users' lifestyles.
Client Interaction Timelines: Mapping out when users typically engage with their clients proved pivotal. By gaining insight into their meeting patterns, I was able to optimize the app's functionalities to enhance these interactions, fostering a more meaningful and efficient user journey.
Tech Adoption Readiness: Probing into users' comfort levels with new technologies was a cornerstone of my approach. By gauging their openness to innovation, I could ensure that the app's interface and features align with their technological preferences and expectations.
Current Sales Struggles: Understanding the pain points within their current sales system was of paramount importance. By pinpointing these challenges, I could strategically design solutions that directly address these pain points, offering a seamless transition to the new application.
This approach to UX research forms the bedrock of my design process. By empathizing with users and addressing their unique needs, I've sculpted a product that creates an intuitive and rewarding experience. This commitment to in-depth research and user understanding defines my role as a product designer and ensures that each design decision is purposeful and impactful.​​​​​​​

After addressing these four questions and gathering valuable data and insights through desk research, due to time constraints that prevented the execution of one-on-one interviews, I present to you an insightful profile of Mara: the focal app persona.
Mara's unwavering dedication to her family is at the core of her identity. Balancing her role as a middle school teacher during the day, she has embarked on a dual journey to enhance her family's financial well-being by engaging as a distributor of Avon & Natura products. Her commitment to both her profession and her entrepreneurial pursuits reflects her remarkable work ethic and aspiration to create a better life for her loved ones.
Known for her innate ability to effortlessly connect with others, Mara exudes a communicative and approachable demeanor. Her easy-going personality enhances her interactions, making every engagement a genuine and relatable experience. Whether she's shaping young minds in the classroom or presenting Avon & Natura offerings, Mara's natural charm shines through, leaving a lasting impact on those she encounters.
Struggles to maintain effective organization across various aspects of her life, often finding it challenging to keep track of essential details. Encountering difficulties in building substantial savings due to various financial commitments. Additionally, consistently faces the hurdle of managing her inventory efficiently and is always confused with new technologies and apps.

The concepts have been validated through low-fidelity prototypes, ensuring alignment with user expectations. These validated ideas have been further refined through collaborative efforts involving UX professionals and stakeholders, resulting in a tangible paper version.
As mine final deliverable, my task on the test was on crafting a high-fidelity prototype. Building upon the foundation of the low-fidelity prototype and informed by the insights gleaned from thorough research, my aim was to infuse the design with a richer contextual understanding. This process merged creativity and functionality to elevate the user experience.


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