Sony Channel
Content Strategy & Art Direction
In my role as an Art Director, I had the privilege of heading the Social Media campaign strategy for "Entubados," a captivating TV show on Sony Channel Brazil. I was in charge of planning the social media campaign and making sure that the art style and look stayed consistent in all the visuals used during the show.

I teamed up closely with talented artists @bi.aguiart and @mortariraphael, who skillfully turned the characters into vivid illustrations. By blending their creativity with my planning, we created eye-catching pictures that told a great story.
The "Entubados" project stands as a testament to my ability to craft comprehensive creative strategies that resonate across various platforms and mediums. It's a showcase of how art direction can shape and elevate the essence of a TV show, bringing its characters and narrative to vibrant life in the dynamic realm of social media.


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