Rede Globo
Product Design, UI

This was a dynamic web application crafted for the premiere of the soap opera "Boogie Oogie" by Rede Globo. This visionary project enables users to curate their very own exclusive photo albums, infused with the vibrant essence of the 70s theme portrayed in the show.
Within this designed web application, users are invited to embark on a journey of personal expression. With a user-friendly interface at its core, individuals can seamlessly piece together photo albums that resonate with their connection to the iconic era of the 70s. From disco aesthetics to retro fashion, every album created becomes a unique reflection of the user's creative choices and nostalgic sentiments.
By aligning the application's design with the essence of "Boogie Oogie," I've forged an immersive experience that celebrates the show's thematic tapestry. This project not only underscores my prowess in product design but also highlights my ability to translate a narrative into a captivating digital experience.
As a product designer, my commitment is to offer users a delightful and personalized portal to relive the magic of the 70s through their own curated visual stories.

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